Shipping Information

Toshokan is a small winery and we want you to be able to enjoy our wine no matter where you're located. We're just getting started on this journey, so for the moment, we're only able to ship within the US to select states. Rest assured we're working on expanding our availability internationally and within the US.

If want to try Toshokan and we're not able to ship to you at the moment, get in touch! It really does help us plan where to expand to next.

Shipments of wine must be received and signed for by a person 21 years or older. We recommend having wine shipments sent to a home or office where someone is present during the day to receive packages. This helps avoid re-delivery and returned shipments fees.

The wine ships from Berkeley, California. Shipping time can vary depending on order day, time, and destination. Please be prepared to wait 5 - 14 days to receive your wine. Orders are hand packed and shipped by me.

Shipping charges are based on the weight of the shipment. 


1. If your package is RETURNED to us and you want your package re-shipped you will be required to pay a $20 return fee + a new shipping charge. Contact us directly to coordinate the re-ship. We are not made aware of returns until they reach our warehouse, this may happen a week or more after your last failed delivery attempt. You can also opt to get a refund on your shipment minus the carrier return fee and original shipping fee.

2. If you gave us an incorrect address and you need a transit RE-ROUTE contact us. There is a $20.00 fee per package for incomplete or incorrect addresses given and a re-route of the package is required.  Re-routes can happen only while the package is still in transit.

We reserve the right to hold packages if inclement weather poses a risk to the quality of wine.